R.D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Award

This award is designed to recognize those who go far beyond their immediate responsibilities as Arrowmen and by doing so have laid a path of excellence for other Arrowmen to follow. The award is named after R.D. Dunkin, who believed that young people can grow to exceptional strengths and reach their full potential with the right combination of leadership, education, mentorship, and love. R.D. Dunkin served as the Central Region Order of the Arrow Chairman for sixteen years, and is responsible for shaping the region structure and program into what it is today.

This award is presented annually at Section Conclave.

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2018 Nomination Form, due by the March 12, 2018


Samie Grimm, Lucas Bowman, Alex Sandlin


Section Award of Merit

The Section Award of Merit was designed to honor those who have shown outstanding leadership and service embodying the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law to the section, councils, and lodges of the section. The Section Award of Merit was in use until 2015, when the Council of Chiefs elected to begin presenting the R.D. Dunkin Leadership in Service award instead. Past recipients of the award are listed below.

1978 Mark Rutherford, David Eikman

1979 Jan "Rusty" Barrell, Richard "Bear" Eberly, Joff Osterman, Art Roth

1980 Mark Podgorski, Terry Hasty

1982 Craig Kliger, Robert Dalrymple, John Perry, Dan McNeely

1983 David Harnish, Cary Dyson, Gordon Springer, Jack Zirkle

1984 Scott Minor, Tom Bassett

1985 James B. Anderson, Phillip Deardorf, Mark Jenkins

1987 Tony Steinhardt III, George Nelson

1988 Doug Nelson, John Davis

1990 Robert Rylicki, Kevin Hobbs

1991 Michael Van Hoover, Charle Bryant

1992 Jeff Holladay, Dale Siefker

1993 John Barnes, Jay Copra, Darren Norrington

1994 Brett Higgins, Chad Minor

 1995 Bill Godsworthy, Nick George

1996 Alex Rhodes

1997 PJ Hentrich, Gordan Evans

1998 David Yoder

2000 Craig Tuttle

2001 Jason Floyd, Steve Dupaix

2003 Troy Oliviera, Doug Seaborne, Charles Lehman

2004 Andy McKillip, Sara Seaborne

2005 Tim Goth, James Stolt

2006 Ryan Eiteljorge, Jeff Hotchkiss, Mike Peters

2007 Duane Thormhalen

2008 Aaron Ware, Dennis Laffin, Dale Stelting

2009 Ken Brooks, Bryan Shaffer

2010 Andrew Byers, Alyx Parker, Ryan Easterling, Chris Taylor

2011 Andrew Byers, Rex Banter, Matt Kaufman

2012 Michael Weber

2014 Joey Dierdorf, Logan Greene, Mary Musik, Steve James