Michael Kipp, 2018 National Vice Chief

Kipp Elected National Vice Chief; Special Election Set for COC

Section C6A is once again the home to a national officer of the Order of the Arrow. Our section chief, Michael Kipp of Sakima Lodge, was elected by his peer section chiefs to be the 2018 national vice chief. Congratulations Michael!

Michael Kipp, 2018 National Vice Chief

According to the Field Operations Guide (FOG), Michael must resign his position as section chief within 30-days of his election to national office and conduct a special election to fill his vacancy. This special election will take place at our next COC meeting which is Sunday, January 21, 1:00-5:00pm EST at the Crossroads of America council office in Indianapolis.

This special election will be handled as written in the Field Operations Guide (FOG), see p21 at this link to the 2017 FOG. Pay special attention to Rule IV, A, 1-2; and E. Any youth Arrowman who meets the eligibility requirements may be a candidate for section office. Every candidate will need to supply a properly signed section officer candidacy form (must be signed by the Scout Executive). This form will need to be turned into the section adviser before the election. If the current section vice chief or secretary happen to be elected to the position of chief, then the new section chief will immediately hold an election to fill any vacant position. Therefore, anyone filling out a candidacy form should consider all three positions as potentially open.

If anyone has questions about the special election, please direct them to section adviser Bryan Shaffer via email.